Building Game Changers With The Human Energy Company

Today, we celebrate a partnership with Chevron that has led to $1,000,000 in donations for our Game Changers. The coalition initially began through the AT&T Pro-Am and has since become a long-time partnership dedicated to Building Game Changers. Andrea Bailey, Public Affairs Representative in Monterey County, shares, “At Chevron, we put people at the center of everything we do. Our greatest resource is our people’s inspiration, creativity, and ingenuity.”

Since the inception of First Tee – Monterey County, Chevron has stood in alliance with our vision of providing youth of all backgrounds an opportunity for a brighter future. Chevron has begun programs like the Aces for Access Program, Whole In One, and Chevron STEM Zone and supported First Tee – Monterey County’s Summer Camp to progress toward our community’s shared vision.

The Aces for Access program is part of Chevron’s global education commitment to increase access to quality STEM education and technical training. “Equal and equitable access is essential to improving diversity and inclusion efforts and achieving the benefits of an intentionally inclusive environment,” shares Bailey. Chevron has donated over $663,000.00 to First Tee – Monterey County through this program!

At the 2020 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Whole in One featured the Chevron STEM Zone in partnership with the Monterey Peninsula Foundation and First Tee – Monterey County. The program was designed to bring a holistic learning and golf experience, including nutrition, wellness, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), to local youth in Monterey County. Students from Salinas and surrounding areas also received golf training from professional coaches and lessons on nutrition, physical fitness, and sportsmanship from local experts!

In February 2022, Chevron USA, Monterey Peninsula Foundation, Cameron Champ Foundation, and First Tee – Monterey County hosted a local golf clinic pledging $100,000 toward diversity, equity, and inclusion through the game of golf. The clinic will be hosted by PGA Tour star Cameron Champ and rapper and AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am celebrity golfer ScHoolboy Q. During the event, Chevron, Cameron Champ Foundation, and Monterey Peninsula Foundation made a combined $100,000 donation to First Tee – Monterey County to be the founding partners for the chapters’ search for a permanent programming site on the Peninsula. “It is exciting to bring an intentional plan to expand our programming to positively change the lives of young people in Seaside, Marina, and other cities on the Peninsula,” Nick Nelson, CEO of First Tee – Monterey County, said.

For the second Summer, Chevron is the presenting sponsor of First Tee – Monterey County’s Summer Camp. This eight-week program is filled with so many fun and exciting opportunities. First Tee – Monterey County uses the summertime to introduce our character education and life skills programs to our local youth, helping kids and teens prepare for success at school, at home, and in their community. Like First Tee – Monterey County’s year-round course, the summer curriculum is divided into five levels, each with a different focus that helps kids develop their sense of self-a curriculum that Chevron strongly supports.

Building Game Changers is essential for creating a world where energy is affordable, reliable, and ever-cleaner. Chevron and First Tee – Monterey County aims to inspire the next generation of innovators who can tackle complex challenges in life: building resilience and perseverance. Building Game Changers.