Because of First Tee – Alumnae feature on Grace Kehoe 

1. Where are you today and how’d you get there? 

I am currently in my last semester of my undergraduate studies at North Carolina State University double majoring in Business Administration concentrating in Marketing and Foreign Languages and Literature concentrating in Mandarin. 

I was a Tournament Services Management intern for the 2022 Presidents Cup held at Quail Hollow Club. In 2023, I attended the Middlebury College Language School participating in an intensive language immersion program adhering to the Language Pledge, with emphasis on Chinese literature and culture. 

I hope to one day use my language proficiency to promote collaboration between the US and China while encouraging strategic stakeholder relationships and analyzing emerging markets.

2. How had First Tee positively impacted your life? 

First Tee offered a space for me to find community and mentorship. Because of First Tee, I have developed the confidence to trust my ability in navigating life. 

I have been encouraged to set goals and work towards them, always knowing I could turn to my mentors for guidance. One of these goals was to become the first participant of the First Tee of Greater Charlotte chapter to become ACE Certified. I have had the opportunity to travel to many incredible places across the US and meet wonderful people across different First Tee chapters. 

I played in the 2018 Pure Insurance Championship and attended many life skills and golf development academies. 

3. What advice would you share to participants in the program now? 

Embrace every opportunity big or small. 

Picking between my favorite memories at First Tee is impossible because walking down the fairways of immaculate and acclaimed courses around the world holds just as much weight as those walking down the fairway of Dr. Charles L. Sifford with the friends I made in my chapter. I would also say to give back to your chapter and community as much as you can. Volunteering within your chapter and neighboring chapters is a valuable experience that helps develop leadership and organizational skills. You only have so much time in your life to be a part of First Tee as a participant, make sure to embrace the connections that will last beyond that time. To this day I go to my mentors for guidance and advice as it remains helpful as life goes on