“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” —Buckminster Fuller

Every month, First Tee will highlight a monthly theme which First Tee – Monterey County will incorporate into its programming, blogs, and social media. We are excited to align ourselves with the Home Office’s initiative: January’s theme is adaptability.

In today’s environment, adaptability is a top success factor. Now more than ever lies an intense demand for us to act quickly and decisively in the face of change. First Tee — Monterey County’s newest Golf & Life Skills Coach, Thomas T., is an example of just that.

When we first met Thomas, the future he had planned for himself was starting to shift. Thomas was scared, uncomfortable, and unsure, yet he embraced complete and transparent adaptability amidst it all.

“I came from a career where I had to teach myself everything I know. After my injury, the future I planned for was drifting away. With the supportive culture at First Tee — Monterey County, I have found the confidence and perseverance I thought I had lost. It’s amazing how effective a welcoming environment and our participants’ smiles can be to physical, mental, and emotional recovery.”

Thomas never let challenges stop him, and he credits the programs for pushing him outside of his comfort zone and testing his adaptability every day. Thomas adds, “When you work in an environment where we teach kids from as young as seven years old and interact with adults & volunteers, it’s second-nature to exercise adaptability.”

Whether we are about to start at a new school, a new job, or wrap up a massive chapter of our lives, change may feel like the new normal. It is up to us to be ready to adapt our policies and our mindsets to ensure continued growth and success like Thomas has. Having techniques can help us effectively deal with changes and become comfortable with our new normal. Our program implements a method called S.T.A.R. to encourage our participants to be confident while persevering through challenges and changes on the course and in our daily lives.

When was the latest time you experienced a change from your daily routine? Apply these four steps to the situation and develop new insights while navigating through the situation.

: This is where you pause and give your mind a break. Take a breath. What are things that help you calm down?
Think: Consider your choices. What are some of the options you have in this situation? Think of it from all angles.
Anticipate: This means to look ahead. What could happen (good or bad) due to each choice? Think about how each consequence will affect your ability to reach your goals.
Respond: Select the best choice of what to do. Each person’s “best choice” may be different from the next. The best option is the one that helps you progress to your goal while maintaining your values.

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