A PLAYer Level

In order to advance to the A PLAYer level, PLAYers must be identified and recommended for advancement based on a combination of their golf skill level, and their adherence of our Code of Conduct – Respect for Yourself, Respect for Others, and Respect for their Surroundings.

A PLAYers have an increased opportunity to be selected to go on course with volunteers and coaches, and begin earning check marks while learning the game of golf.  Check marks are earned by demonstrating the 9 core values on course, and are a requirement to move up to Par.  A PLAYers are distinguished into their own daytime and afterschool classes from PLAYers and grouped accordingly.

1. Welcome & Respect for Myself, Others and My Surroundings
2. Courtesy toward Others
3. Responsibility for the Course
4. The Honesty of PLAYers
5. Modeling Sportsmanship
6. Developing Confidence
7. Using Good Judgment
8. Playing with Perseverance
9. Living with Integrity